Chinese Peptide Company
Peptide Synthesis

Peptide Synthesis

Our strong expertise in the synthesis of custom peptides with a wide range of modifications enables us to best meet our client's needs.

We aim to support our clients throughout the entire product development process, from drug discovery to commercial manufacturing meeting GMP standards.

  • Peptide

Cyclic PeptideLong Linear PeptideModified Peptide
NeoAntigen peptidesPeptidomimeticsCosmetic peptides

  • Conjugate

Peptide Drug Conjugate (PDC)Peptide Antibody Conjugate (PAC)
Peptide Oligo Conjugate (POC)PEGylated Peptide

  • Modifications Overview:

Modification Types
FRET and TR-FRET SubstratesSulfation and SulfonationEpitope Mapping
Stable Isotope-labeled PeptidesIncorporation of Unnatural Amino AcidsPeptide Libraries
Hydrocarbon and Triazole StaplesLipidationNeoantigen-based Libraries
Peptide MacrocyclesN-Terminal ModificationsProtein Conjugation
Click PeptidesC-Terminal ModificationsSelenocysteine
Dye and Fluorescent LabelsPeptide PNADepsipeptides
PEGylation (mono- and polydispersed)Hydrophobic SequencesPeptidomimetics
Metal Chelating ConjugatesPeptoidsMultiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs)
Multiple Disulfide BondsCell-Penetrating PeptidesMaleimide Group Installation
GlycosylationLong Sequences
PhosphorylationNative Chemical Ligation

Get In Touch With CPC
Get In Touch With CPC

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