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Phosphorylation Peptide

Proteins or enzymes can undergo cellular phosphorylation, an alteration that alters their activity, binding characteristics, or cellular localisation. Additionally, it is a crucial regulatory process that is involved in the pathophysiology of many diseases, such as inflammation, cancer, neurological, and metabolic disorders. Kinases are enzymes that phosphorylate proteins at particular amino acid residues (such as tyrosine, serine, and threonine). Phosphatases are the name for enzymes that hydrolyze phosphate groups and remove them. Because most signal transduction pathways depend on phosphorylation, many biological assays use phosphorylated peptides (also known as phosphopeptides) to analyze the activity of protein kinases and phosphatases.

Phosphorylation Chemistry:

CPC has the ability to create phosphopeptides with particular residues (such as pSer, pTyr, and pThr) phosphorylated in almost any arrangement. We stock a variety of frequently phosphorylated peptides as catalog items, even though we synthesis many of our phosphopeptides in response to custom orders.

Phosphorylated Amino Acids

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