Chinese Peptide Company
Company Overview

Company Overview

Chinese Peptide Company (CPC), established in 2001, is a prominent Contract Research and Development Manufacturing Organization (CRDMO) that specializes in synthetic peptide production. The company is globally recognized for its expertise and is now expanding its capabilities in synthetic oligonucleotides. CPC collaborates directly with leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to bring life-changing therapeutics and diagnostics to the market. We are capable of serving our customers at all stages of drug development, from early-stage research, clinical trials, to commercial manufacturing, and take pride in supplying commercial Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) to our partners worldwide.


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Company Overview

Why Choose CPC

Manufacturing Expertise

SPPS,LPPS,ligation chemistry and framentcondensation methodologies. All protectingstrategies (Boc, Fmoc, Cbz) can be used.Innovative purification and isolation techniquesemployed. Process development and scale-upcompetence insures a robust commercialprocess. Complex sequences and peptidemodifications adapted to largescale production.

CGMP Compliance

CPC's CGMP program strictly adheres to FDA/EUCGMP guidelines, including (1) Code of FederalRegulations Part 210/211(21 CFR 210211) and (2)ICHQ7 (International Conference on Harmonisationof Technical Requirements for Registration ofPharmaceuticals for Human UseICH HarmonisedTripartite Guideline Good Manufacturing PracticeGuide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Q7)

Regulatory Support

CPC supports the preparation and technicalreview of CMC documents for IND/CTA/NDAapplications in the United States, China, Europeand other markets.It also provides evaluation,planning, and feasibility consulting in key CMCresearch and development activities, as well aslearning relevant suggestions to ensure that thequality of submitted documents meets theapplication requirements. It also providesChinese and English translation services fordifferent filing requirements

Quick Delivery Time

Whether your developing an NCE in early discoveryphase or producing a commercialized productdelivery time is a critical component of your project'ssuccess.We have the capacity to accept new projects without significant wait time and beginproduction sooner than most peptidemanufacturers.


The satisfaction of our customers is the most importantreason for our continued growth and success.Onecritical ingredient is maintaining the confidentiality oftrade secrets and proprietary information released tous by our customers. CPC will assure the completeconfidentiality of all proprietary information we receiveduring the course of fulfilling any of our customservices

Manufacturing Capacity

CPC has the manufacturing capacity to supportyour GMP projects from early discovery (mgquantities) through commercialization (100 kgs)!

Complete Life Cycle Support

CPC stands with you at every stage developmentincluding life-cycle support at every phase(Discovery Phase, Preclinical Development, ClinicalTrials, and Commercial Manufacturing)

Proven Track Record

Our scientists have the expertise that our customerscan rely on to prepare different types of peptide/oligocompounds according to their needs.

Us-Based Manufacturing

Double production based in China and the United States to ensure the delivery of product to global customers.


Why CPC?

With dozens of isolated process and purification suites dedicated to peptide manufacturing, we can undertake simultaneous multi-Kg batch size projects. Chinese Peptide Company places a strong emphasis on technology, innovation, and experience, and its facilities have been inspected by various government agencies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Starting in 2001 with peptide production in China, we have since gained extensive technical expertise by manufacturing peptides in accordance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Today, we specialize in producing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) based on peptides, and operate in China and the US. In 2023, we expanded our product range to include oligonucleotide NCEs and APIs. We prioritize maintaining strong, long-term partnerships with our customers and supporting them throughout the drug development process. Our years of experience have enabled us to build a diverse pipeline of active custom projects, and we continue to invest in expanding our capacities to accommodate anticipated growth.

Company Overview
Our Mission

Our Mission

To become a trusted global integrated CRDMO partner for Peptides and Oligonucleotide Therapeutics.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To broaden the application of Peptides and Oligonucleotide to better serve the life sciences field.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Efficiency, Quality, Professionalism, and Innovation.