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Exhibition Review | Chinese Peptide Company Biochemistry Attended the 2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum

On April 15-16, 2023, the 2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum was successfully concluded in Suzhou Buckingham Palace Hotel (Xiangcheng Branch)! With the theme of "Focus on New Technology, Build New Peptide", the forum focused on the superiority of peptide drugs compared with protein drugs, which have the advantages of high activity, low dose and low toxicity, and are suitable for solving complex diseases that are difficult to be solved by small molecule chemical drugs. With the policy of encouraging the R&D of innovative drugs and promoting the consistency evaluation of generic drugs in China, it is expected that more innovative peptide drugs and generic peptide drugs with significant clinical effects will be approved and marketed in the future, which will further expand the Chinese peptide drug market. About 800 industry colleagues participated in this forum, and there were heated discussions and continuous exchanges, and the meeting was well received by the guests and industry colleagues. Chinese Peptide company was invited to participate in this forum and had a profound exchange and discussion with all the experts and their partners on site.

2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum

In the afternoon of April 16, Dr. Li Ji, the R&D Director of Chinese Peptide company, gave a presentation entitled "Greening Fmoc/tBu Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis: An Industrial Perspective" at the CMC Forum on Peptide Drugs. The keynote presentation was entitled "Greening Fmoc/tBu Solid-Phase Peptide Synthesis: An Industrial Perspective. The presentation reviewed the 60-year history of Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS), especially the major breakthroughs, discoveries and advances, and highlighted the shift from Boc/Bzl strategy to Fmoc/tBu in the mainstream of SPPS. Comparing the twelve principles of green chemistry, the existing advantages and improvement directions in Fmoc/tBu-based SPPS technology are identified, and the innovative results of SPPS greening in recent literature are reviewed. In the report, Dr. Ji Li shared two case studies of the greening innovation of peptide mass production by Chinese Peptide company: the first case is the partial replacement of N, N-dimethylformamide (DMF) by a greener organic solvent, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), which reduces the DMF dosage, improves the reaction yield and reduces the production cost; the second case is the Minimal Protection The second case is the application of Minimal Protection Group Strategy in SPPS for a PDC compound, which significantly improved the reaction atom economy, crude product purity and yield of finished product.

2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum

Chinese Peptide company was invited to participate in the 2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum, and there was a strong atmosphere of academic exchange, during which Chinese Peptide company exhibitors had a lively discussion with all the guests and industry colleagues, and introduced the latest research progress in the leading fields of peptide and nucleic acid CRDMO services.

Founded in 2001, Chinese peptide  company is a trusted global integrated peptide/nucleic acid CRDMO partner. The production base of the Chinese peptide company and the new base in the United States will simultaneously ensure the product delivery of global customers, and provide global customers with a long-term stable supply chain of peptide apis, so as to better respond to the growing customer demand.

2nd Peptide Drug Industry Innovation Forum

The peptide nucleic acid business is led by national and provincial experts. Nucleic acid project covers an area of 15 acres, construction area of about 26,700 square meters, after the completion of the project will form a 10-story ground building and three-story podium of modern drug research and development and production base. Through complementary and collaborative cooperation with Chinese peptide  company, the Group will eventually build a global polypeptide/nucleic acid integrated whole industry chain platform, determined to help partners more compliant, safe and efficient development of patients in urgent need of drugs, and will also provide more comprehensive services for more pharmaceutical companies around the world.