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Exhibition Review | Chinese Peptide company attended the 5th CMC-China International Biological & Chemical Pharmaceutical Fair in 2023


2023 The 5th CMC-China China International Biological & Chemical Pharmaceutical Expo was successfully concluded in Suzhou International Expo Center on August 3-4, 2023!


As a national professional pharmaceutical industry meeting, the conference includes the innovation source power Hall (C1 hall), the preparation brand hall (D1 hall), and the original and auxiliary package hall (E1 hall). Involving cell and gene therapy, antibody drugs, small molecule innovative drugs, generic drugs, MAH B license, improved new drugs, apis, synthetic biology, green pharmaceutical and preparation CRO, CDMO cooperation, invited from the government, industry, science, research, finance, media and other fields of medical experts, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical colleagues to exchange views. During the expo, the forum in the three venues was carried out at the same time, thousands of enterprises were at the scene, more than 300 heavy guests were at the scene to talk about cutting-edge ideas, and the forum on the expo site was put together, which quite had the meaning of Jixian Academy and a hundred schools of thought competing.



Figure 1. The site of the conference


Dr. Shawn Lee, founder of Chinese Peptide company, and Dr. Bing Feng, Senior R&D Director of oligonucleotide Division, were invited to participate in the 5th CMC-China International Biological & Chemical Pharmaceutical Expo.

Dr. Xiang Li, founder of Chinese Peptide company, was invited to participate in the roundtable forum - Peptide drug Development Challenge Dialogue, and had a warm discussion with guests and audience on the current peptide drug development and other content, and the atmosphere of exchange was strong. In the afternoon, Dr. Xiang Li was invited to the fourth Annual Meeting of China API Entrepreneurs to conduct academic exchanges with experts and colleagues in the industry.


Figure 2. Roundtable discussion by Dr. Li Xiang


Figure 3. Dr. Shawn Lee attended the 4th Annual Meeting of China API Entrepreneurs


Dr. Feng Bing, Senior Director of R&D of the Biochemical Oligonucleotide Division, gave a keynote speech on "Some Thoughts on Starting Materials and Key Processes for Solid Phase Synthesis of oligonucleotides" at Forum 2-Nucleic Acid Drug Development and Cooperation Forum on August 3, 2023 at 14:50-15:15.



Figure 4. Dr. Feng Bing's keynote speech


Chinese Peptide company invited guests introduction:


Profile: Founder/Chairman of Chinese Peptide company (2001); Co-founder of Zeyue Capital (2017). Scientists and entrepreneurs from China and the United States who have successively started successful businesses, and experts in the evaluation of "National Major Special New Drugs"; Special expert of China Overseas Chinese Federation; Executive Director of Zhejiang Merchants Association; Former Vice Chairman of Xinbang Pharmaceutical [002390] (2015-2020).

Dr. Xiang has founded several companies in Silicon Valley including American Peptide Co.; CPC Scientific Inc., etc. Dr. Xiang Li holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences (1988), a postdoctoral fellow from UC Berkeley (1989), Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (2015-2016), EMBA from IMD Business School (2015-2016), Visiting Professor at the School of Pharmacy, Pacific University, USA. "Centennial Union" Medical and Health Industry Scholar/First term (2020-2021), President of Zhejiang Haigao Association Biomedical Branch (2023-)


Introduction: Doctor of Science, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Chief Engineer of China National Nucleic Acid Drug Engineering Center, sub-project leader of China National major project "Nucleic acid drug Innovative varieties Research and accurate modification and New packaged generic technology (2017ZX09303013)". Currently, he is the senior director of oligonucleotide Division of Zhongpeptide Biochemistry Co., LTD., mainly responsible for the construction of nucleic acid pharmaceutical platform, the establishment of oligonucleotide R&D and production team, as well as project management and production.


Founded in 2001, Chinese peptide  company is a trusted global integrated peptide/nucleic acid CRDMO partner. The production base of the Chinese peptide company and the new base in the United States will simultaneously ensure the product delivery of global customers, and provide global customers with a long-term stable supply chain of peptide apis, so as to better respond to the growing customer demand.


The peptide nucleic acid business is led by national and provincial experts. Nucleic acid project covers an area of 15 acres, construction area of about 26,700 square meters, after the completion of the project will form a 10-story ground building and three-story podium of modern drug research and development and production base. Through complementary and collaborative cooperation with Chinese peptide company, the Group will eventually build a global polypeptide/nucleic acid integrated whole industry chain platform, determined to help partners more compliant, safe and efficient development of patients in urgent need of drugs, and will also provide more comprehensive services for more pharmaceutical companies around the world.