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[Lys(Me2)372]-p53 (368-393), p53 K372(Me2), biotin-labeled, human
Size : 0.25
P1(RMB) : 529
MW : 3467
One letter sequence : Biotin-KGGHLKS-K(Me2)-KGQSTSRHKKLMFKTEGPDSD-NH2
Molecular Formula :
Description : This is a biotin-labeled and amidated peptide derived from residues 368-393 of human p53 tumor suppressor protein with dimethylation at Lys372 and additional KGW residues on its N-terminus. Methylation at Lys372 activates p53 and induces upregulation of target gene p21. Methylation at Lys372 also inhibits Lys370 methylation by interfering with Smyd2, a lysine methyltransferase, and p53 interaction. Lys 370 methylation reduces p53 transcriptional targets.
Literature Reference : Huang, J. et al. Nature 440, 629 (2006).
Cas :