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[Lys(Ac)382]-p53 (368-393), p53 K382(Ac), biotin-labeled, human
Size : 0.25
P1(RMB) : 529
MW : 3481
One letter sequence : Biotin-KGGHLKSKKGQSTSRHK-K(Ac)-LMFKTEGPDSD-NH2
Molecular Formula :
Description : This peptide is tumor suppressor protein p53 (368-393). There is a biotinylated lysine follwed by a GG linker at the N-terminal and is acetylated at lysine 382. p53 is an ideal tumor suppressor gene because of its ability to control cell proliferation, and senescence. In response to cell stress, cell damage, or ectopic oncogene, p53 also mediates apoptosis.
Literature Reference : Ghosh, A. et al. Mol. Cell Biol. 24, 7987 (2004).
Cas :