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(Phe1,Ser2,Tyr6)-PAR-1 (1-6) amide (human)
Phe-Ser-Leu-Leu-Arg-Tyr-NH2 Trifluoroacetate salt
Size : 5
P1(RMB) : 671
MW : 796.97
One letter sequence : FSLLRY-NH2
Molecular Formula : C39H60N10O8
Description : This peptide inhibited activation of PAR-2 by trypsin in PAR-2 receptor expressing KNRK cells. Half-maximal inhibition of calcium signaling was observed at about 50 µM. In contrast, the activation of PAR-2 by SLIGRL-NH2 (PAR-2 (1-6) amide (mouse, rat)) was not inhibited by this peptide. Selective Antagonist for PAR2 Agonist. This peptide blocks trypsin but not SLIGRL-NH2 activation of PAR2 in receptor-expressing KNRK cells.
Literature Reference : B.Al-Ani et al., J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 300, 702 (2002) S.Wilson et al., Biochem. J., 388, 967 (2005)
Cas : 245329-02-6