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Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 675
MW : 1410.6
One letter sequence : MSRPACPNDKYE
Molecular Formula : C58H91N17O20S2
Description : The peptide T1 is the thrombin receptor domain, which functions as a tethered ligand for the receptor itself. T1 is an inhibitor of thrombin triggered platelet aggregation, serotonin release and tyrosine phosphorylation. Its anti-aggregatory activity was about ten-fold higher than that of the previously reported peptide antagonists of the thrombin receptor. This peptide has served as model peptide in protein modification and MS studies.
Literature Reference : J.Doorbar and G.Winter, J. Mol. Biol., 244, 361 (1994) H.Schafberg et al., Br. J. Cancer, 76, 1592 (1997) R.Kaufmann et al., NeuroReport, 9, 709 (1998) H.Y.Tang and D.W.Speicher, Anal. Biochem., 334, 48 (2004) M.C.Sun et al., J. Sep. Sci., 31, 538 (2008)
Cas : 207553-92-2