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Insulin B (9 - 23)
Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 340
MW : 1645.9
One letter sequence : SHLVEALYLVCGERG
Molecular Formula : C72H116N20O22S
Description : This insulin B-chain peptide binds to a MHC-II allele called I-Ag7. A number of autoimmune diseases has been linked to class II proteins encoded by the MHC. Type 1 diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, is a T cell-mediated disease that results in autoimmune destruction of pancreatic ß cells leading to hyperglycemia. This insulin B peptide may be a self-antigen candidate that could initiate the disease. Immunization with this peptide in mice led to autoantibodies and insulitis.
Literature Reference : Devendra, D. et al. Diabetes 54, 2549 (2005). Starwalt, S. et al. Protein Eng. 16, 147 (2003); Lee, L. et al. PNAS 102, 15995 (2005).
Cas :