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FRET substrate for lasmepsin
DABCYL-Glu-Arg-Nle-Phe-Leu-Ser-Phe-Pro-EDANS Trifluoroacetate salt
Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 1010
MW : 1507.78
One letter sequence : ERNleFLSFP
Molecular Formula : C76H98N16O15S
Description : Useful FRET substrate for a continuous fluorescence-based assay of the malaria aspartyl protease (plasmepsin). The peptide sequence ERNleFLSFP is derived from the cleavage site present in hemoglobin, with Nle as a substitution for Met to avoid potential oxidation related problems.
Literature Reference : M.Pennington et al., Innovation and Perspectives in Solid Phase Synthesis &Combinatorial Libraries, 5th International Symposium, London, p. 367, R.Epton, ed., Mayflower Scientific, (1998) S.Jiang et al., Antimicrob. Agents Chemother., 45, 2577 (2001) M.Stadler et al., J. Antibiot., 58, 775 (2005)
Cas : 263718-22-5