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IFN-alpha Receptor Recognition Peptide 1 (IRRP1)
Size : 5
P1(RMB) : 6070
MW : 886
One letter sequence : CLKDRHD
Molecular Formula : C35H59N13O12S
Description : The peptide IRRP1 is derived from a consensus IFN-alpha sequence and corresponds to a putative receptor recognition domain of IFN-alpha. The binding capacity of cells for IFN-alphas was increased in the presence of IRRP1. Increased receptor occupancy resulted in increased phosphorylation-activation of the transcription factor ISGF3 and enhanced antiviral activity.
Literature Reference : E.N.Fish, FEBS Lett., 365, 87 (1995)
Cas : 153840-64-3