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Liver Cell Growth Factor
H-Gly-His-Lys-OH Acetate salt
Size : 250
P1(RMB) : 348
MW : 340.38
One letter sequence : GHK
Molecular Formula : C14H24N6O4
Description : GHK possesses a high affinity for copper(II) ions, with which it spontaneously forms a complex (GHK-Cu). This growth-modulating plasma tripeptide, when added at nanomolar concentrations to a wide group of cultured systems, produces a disparate set of responses ranging from the stimulation of growth and differentiation to outright toxicity. It may function by facilitating copper uptake into cells. GHK-Cu accelerates wound healing. The palmitoylated peptide is marketed as a cosmetic ingredient under the trade name Biopeptide CL.CAS Number (net): 49557-75-7.
Literature Reference : S.-J.Lau and B.Sarkar, Biochem. J., 199, 649 (1981)J.-P.Laussac et al., Biochem. J., 209, 533 (1983)D.Downey et al., Surg. Forum, 36, 573 (1985)L.Pickart and S.Lovejoy, Meth. Enzymol., 147, 314 (1987)F.-X.Maquart et al., FEBS Lett., 238, 343 (1988)
Cas : 72957-37-0