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[Lys(Ac)12]-Histone H2B (1-22)-GGK(Biotin)-NH2; H2BK12(Ac), biotin-labeled
Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 1300
MW : 2729.3
One letter sequence : PEPAKSAPAPK-K(Ac)-GSKKAVTKAQ-GGK(Biotin)-NH2
Molecular Formula :
Description : This peptide is the fragment of Histone H2B (1-22). It is acetylated at lysine 12 with a C-terminal GG linker followed by a biotinylated lysine. The histone H2B with acetylated at lysine 12 is a target for autoantibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus when it is apoptosis-induced.
Literature Reference : Van Bavel, CC. et al. Mol Immunol 47, 2 (2009).
Cas : N/A