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Mca-Amyloid b/A4 Protein Precursor770 (667-676)-Lys(DNP)-Arg-Arg amide
Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 766
MW : 2033.2
One letter sequence : Mca-SEVKMDAEFR-K(DNP)-RR-NH2
Molecular Formula : C87H129N27O28S1
Description : Fluorescent peptide substrate that contains the wild-type amyloid precursor protein (APP) beta-secretase cleavage site. It is used for assaying beta-secretase-like activity of thimet oligopeptidase (TOP, EC Studies reveal that TOP is a potential beta-secretase candidate and is involved in the processing of APP in vivo.
Literature Reference : H. Koike et al., J. Biochem., 126, 235 (1999)
Cas :