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MMP Substrate III, Fluorogenic
Size : 1
P1(RMB) : 828
MW : 1325.6
One letter sequence : Dabcyl-GABA-PQGL-Glu(Edans)-AK-NH2
Molecular Formula : C63H88N16O14S1
Description : Highly soluble fluorogenic matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) substrate with the following kcat/km values (at pH 7.6, 37°C): 619.0 M-1s-1 for MMP-2, 209.0 M-1s-1 for MMP-9, 40.0 M-1s-1 for MMP-3, 21.0 M-1s-1 for MMP-1. The fluorescence increase is measured using an wavelength of 340 nm and emission wavelength of 485 nm. The relative high emission wavelength of EDANS allows convenient measurement of MMP activity in complex biological media like synovial fluid and culture medium.
Literature Reference : B. Beekman, et al., FEBS Lett, 390, 221 ( 1996).
Cas :